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Renowned ARTR™ Kidney Repair Procedure Promises Hope and New Health For Patients

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Kidney Repair Clinical Trials - Biopsy Phase

Press Release January 5, 2021


The ARTR™ approach to organ healthcare is to “Repaired-In-Place” (“In-Situ”), rather than having a patient under-go an organ transplant. This dramatic advancement in organ healing, represents the beginning of a major revolution in healthcare.

Liaqat Ali, M.D., MBBS FCPS, Associate Professor Urology, Institute of Kidney Disease, and the Lead Surgeon in current ARTR™ kidney repair clinical trials, has completed the initial ARTR™ surgical procedures on the first two patients. One patient is suffering from renal parenchyma disease, and the other from bilateral small and echogenic kidneys with a right adnexal cyst and bilateral plural effusion. These ailments are just a few of the many types of kidney diseases that ARTR™ surgical repair procedures can address and heal. The major repairs from these procedures can result in a huge improvement of the quality of life for the patient.

These groundbreaking ARTR™ kidney repair procedures and treatments are scheduled to become available to public in late January 2021. Clinical trials addressing the liver, pancreas, and lungs will be commencing soon. Interested parties should contact us at:

A video introduction to the surgical team and the initial biopsy procedure for an ARTR™ kidney repair is available at the BCM website:

BCM Industries is an emerging industry leader in regenerative tissue replacement medical products with specific emphasis upon the creation and delivery of advanced Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) products, processes, and technologies to the global healthcare community.

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