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BCM Industries, Inc. (BCM) Privacy Policy

BCM Industries, respects your right to the privacy of the personal information you provide us. The following Privacy Statement is intended to explain how your personal information will be treated as you make use of our site. If you have questions about this statement or about how your cookie or personal information is being used, please contact us by an email sent to: Because this Statement may change from time to time, we encourage you to revisit this posted Statement often for the most current disclosure of our practices.


What is “Personal Information”?

Personal information includes your name, mailing and e-mail addresses, social security and tax ID numbers, birth dates, and other types of data unique to you, that you may have voluntarily provided to us, usually when called upon to register for a particular service or membership, to submit an inquiry, or to pay for a product or service. It also includes information that may be collected indirectly such as from “cookies” transferred to your computer for later retrieval to track your personal preferences, click-through activity and any other personal information previously provided.


Who is collecting this information?

BCM Industries is collecting information when you’re on our site. The BCM Industries site may contain links to other websites. BCM Industries is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such other websites. For other sites, you should investigate the site to which you have linked for its privacy policy and cookie policy.


How is the information collected

Information can be collected in many ways one is by the use of cookies. A “cookie” is a small amount of data sent from a Web server to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. BCM Industries may offer cookies to users who wish to become registered members so they do not have to re-enter their user names and passwords each time they access the password-protected areas of the BCM Industries sites. In addition, they may be used to identify unique browsers that visit the BCM Industries sites and to track usage throughout the sites. If you do not wish to have a cookie for BCM Industries use located on your hard drive, you may either change the settings on your Internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or other) to refuse the cookie, or if you wish to remove one previously accepted, locate the cookie you wish to remove by locating your cookies folder within the systems directory of your personal computer and delete that particular cookie. For more information, reference should be made to the user’s manual for your particular operating system. See also the section “What choices do I have about sharing personal information,” below. However, companies advertising on our sites have the ability to assign their own cookies. This is a process over which BCM Industries has no control. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it.


When you register for BCM Industries e-mail service or other “provide information” features we collect subscribers’ e-mail addresses to distribute alerts, information and/or newsletters. We do not share this information with others.


We may conduct voluntary surveys of users of the sites to obtain aggregate demographic information. Such information is compiled and used, in the aggregate, for internal market development purposes or with advertisers and other third parties. No personal information is exchanged with outside parties that could be identified with individual users.


How is this information being used?

BCM Industries will not use or disclose personal identifying information without your consent except (i) as described in this Privacy Statement, or (ii) as required by law, court order, or as requested by other governmental or law enforcement authority. This policy does not protect information you post to any on-line social site, bulletin board, chat room, newsgroup or other public forum within our website. We do not sell to others any information that is identifiable to you individually.


Information is used internally to i) customize user services, such as establishing access to your account portfolio, ii) to record usage to be used in reports to data providers, iii) to measure customer preferences and enhance site performance.


We are or may be required to share selected information for statutory or regulatory requirements of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service or other taxing authorities and other regulatory and government entities.


BCM Industries may co-sponsor a sweepstakes, contest or other event requiring the collection, processing and storage of individual contact and demographic information (e.g., your age and other data). BCM Industries may also co-sponsor these events along with other companies, in which case the user’s individual contact and demographic information is likely to be shared with other participating sponsors. A registrant’s personal contact and demographic information will not be released to a third-party or non-participating organizations without the user’s consent and BCM Industries will request that co-sponsors of such events uphold the privacy of the registrants’ information.


What choices do I have about sharing personal information?

BCM Industries does not collect personally identifying information about you except when you are told we are doing so, at the time it is being requested and you elect to provide it. If you are requested to provide personal information but wish not to do so, do not provide the information.


If you would like to unsubscribe from a BCM Industries alert, information or newsletter, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the newsletter.


Never share your passwords or access key with others. Your account information is protected at BCM Industries by placing it on a secure portion of our website. That’s why you have to enter a unique user name and password each time you want to access your account.


Our commitment to children’s privacy

The BCM Industries website is designed to be viewed by the general public. We do not use materials considered to be indecent, profane, morally offensive, or pornographic. No portion of our website is structured to attract anyone under age thirteen.


This BCM Industries privacy policy is as of 3-27-2019.

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