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World leader in Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) technologies and procedures, BCM has commenced human in-place repair of livers and kidneys offering a safe and available alternative to an organ transplant.



BCM Industries Inc. (BCM), a leader in Autologous healthcare, has invented and is delivering numerous Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) organ repair programs. These programs use a BCM developed, specialized 5StageAutograft™ procedure, plus two unique categories of proprietary collagen structures, to deliver the patient’s Autologous cells and tissue to the organ needing repaired. One collagen structure is known as an ARTR™ Matrix unit, the other an ARTR™ Scaffold unit.

This new ARTR™ process is simple for physicians to apply. It has a much lower incident of procedure rejection, eliminates the surgical risks of a defective organ transplant connection, and does not require the patient to enter into a life-time commitment of consuming anti-rejection drugs, which are required with an organ transplant procedure.

These ARTR™ organ repair programs are expected to quickly become the leading alternative to organ transplants.  In addition, early research indicates ARTR™ organ repair programs may be capable of addressing many of the organ damages caused by COVID-19.

Although each ARTR™ organ repair program is meticulously customized to the patient, the organ-specific tissue samples, and the surgical organ repair specifications, BCM has developed various proprietary manufacturing capabilities to support mass production of customized ARTR™ Matrix and Scaffold units. These developments place ARTR™ organ repair production on a scale similar to how Henry Ford revolutionized the mass production of automobiles, with the Model T Ford.

With this development, BCM has entered a supply side growth trajectory which can support production and delivery, worldwide, of over one million ARTR™ human organ repair units, annually. The Company is scheduled to further expanded production lines to deliver over 2 million ARTR™ patient repairs units annually by 2025.

With continuing progress, BCM is likely to become the major ARTR™ human organ repair supplier of a new standard of care in the delivery of healthcare for those with liver, kidney, lungs, pancreas, skin, and other injuries and diseases.

Furthermore, the Company has in development additional ARTR™ repair programs that will address: cartilage, muscle, joint, heart muscle, and bone injuries and failures. With over 3 million Type I diabetes patients in the US, and millions more worldwide, combined with an estimated 20 million patients worldwide with kidney disease, and almost as many with liver diseases, there is no question regarding the market for ARTR™ human repair programs .

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