BCM products are utilized exclusively by the Right To Heal Foundation to globally deliver DNA matched, regenerative organ tissues, skin, cartilage and bone replacement body implants or grafts. Products that address patients’ diseased, injured or failing organ tissues; skin graft difficult open wounds, burn injuries and diabetes ulcers. BCM cartilage products address injured, burned or damaged ears, nose and chin. Soon regenerative products will address replacement of damaged joint’s meniscus and bones.

To learn more, explore the website, our news blog, or contact us. The Corp Data & Tech Transfer pages require an access code: Please Contact Us for the codes. We look forward to bringing forth additional regenerative replacement products. Thank you.

Notice: The RTH Foundation and BCM are globally seeking Hospitals, Physicians and Surgeons who are interested in participating in the medical delivery of BCM regenerative replacement organ tissues, skin, cartilage, bones and other BCM products and services. Interested parties should contact either BCM or the RTH Foundation. See Brochure Here. Also see BCM Summary Here.

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Technology Update

For many years, Harvard University Research Laboratory, operated by George Church, has been expanding the science of genetic engineering and tissue regenerative processes. One approach used by Professor Church is to harvest the patient’s skin and to transform that skin sample into new stem cells. Thereafter, the process is to transform those new stem cells into organ specific tissue cells. Currently, the Professor estimates 2 years to prepare for human trials and ten years of human trials before for approval. (See the referenced- 60 Minutes Video below or click link)


BCM, a rapidly emerging leader in tissue engineering and developer of the world’s first known, high volume manufacturing facility for the production of regenerative replacement implant products, uses an alternative approach. The BCM approach harvests high quality cells directly from the patient’s diseased or injured organ. The harvested organ cells are utilized in a BCM proprietary process to grow replacement tissues on a surgical procedure-matching replacement scaffolding. This DNA matched regenerative tissue structure is then surgically placed into the patient’s failing or damaged organ.

Utilizing this proprietary autologous tissue creation and replacement approach, BCM has expanded from organ tissue regenerative process to address regenerative, DNA matched, implant products for many soft tissue organs, skin, cartilage, joint meniscus and bone replacement procedures. (See the BCM Business Plan or Contact BCM).


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