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BCM Industries (BCM) is a global leader in research and development in tissue engineering, cell regeneration and neural networks. We are commercializing our knowhow in neural tissue computing and autologous organ repair and replacement.

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Health Technology

BCM is the home of advanced organ repair and replacement with the patient’s own DNA. Our Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) organ repair technology is based on the 5StageAutograft™ procedure. A biopsy of the patient’s failing organ is the starting point. The harvested cells are reconditioned and grown on organic bedding (“scaffolding”). These new cells are grown in this tissue structure to the specifications of the surgeon.

When ready, that tissue structure is surgically inserted into the patient’s failing organ where the new cells integrate with the other cells and rapidly multiply. As this cell regeneration process proceeds the patient’s organ transitions to a healthy state. This organ repair process has completed stage one clinical trials on 8 kidney patients. Further clinical trials are scheduled for kidneys and the process is to be expanded to include the liver, lungs, and pancreas.

The next generation of this process is already in development under the name ARTR™ Plus+, enabling the growth of complete lab-based autologous replacement organs. In this transplant procedure, in parallel with the acquisition of the patient’s cells and the growth of the new cells, a same-sized organ from a deceased donor provides the structure. Just a size match suffices, no blood type or other criteria matter. The donated organ is sterilized at the cellular level, to remove all DNA from the donor. A completely sterilized organ structure is the result.

The newly grown autologous cells are now embedded into the sterilized organ and the reconstituted organ is used to replace the patient’s failing organ in a conventional organ transplant surgery. In all these ARTR™ procedures no follow-on anti-rejection drugs are required. To learn more, see the videos below or contact a BCM representative.

Tissue Computing Technology

Currently, in R&D the forthcoming BCM Industries (BCM) developed Live Neural IT devices offer users direct digital access to millions of DNA customized, trainable, addressable, and digitally manageable live neurons.

Known as Tissue Operating Devices (TOD™), these intelligent devices include modified, non-human, animal neurons with customized DNA powers that collect and accumulate knowledge (AK), perform application-tailored adaptive thinking (AT), and deliver individual neuron addressable and directable massive real-time Natural Neural Intelligence (NNI) capabilities.

NNI is based on natural live cell DNA data storage, processing, and intelligence. All neural data is parallel processed. This includes both AK and AT actions and NNI data that are simultaneously shared across millions of live nerve cells (neurons) within a living neural network.

Digital AI or artificial general intelligence (AGI) programs are beginning to penetrate all economic sectors, offering automation efficiencies, and eliminating error-prone, human-mediated processes.

Live NNI networks are adaptive and operate at intelligence magnitudes far above those delivered by any digitally performed AI algorithm or analysis process. To learn more review, and share these available Articles under the Tab “TOD”, or contact a BCM representative for details.

Kidney ARTR Procedure - Biopsy Phase

Liver Repair Procedure

Introduction to Physicians and Hospitals

BCM Liver Replacement Process Illistrati

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