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Medical Science Demonstrates that Human Kidneys Regenerate Tissue

Commencing Organ Repair and Functional Restoration

For Immediate Release: April 29, 2021


The first successful proof of a human kidney’s ability to regenerate is worthy of a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Yes, mankind has only just begun this process, and much more work is needed. But medical science has boldly and permanently broken an old and now evidently FALSE myth – that the human kidney cannot regenerate and self-repair. We have now proven they can!

What makes this “Myth Busting” event special is the fact that the clinical trials team did not choose patients with mild or light CKD. Instead, they selected extremely tough challenges – patients with extremely bad CKD conditions. At the time of the ARTR™ surgical implant procedure at Hayatabad Medical Complex, both patients #1 and #2 were on dialysis, with less than 8% kidney function.

As a result of the procedure, patient #1, a teenager, fully accepted the ARTR™ implant without incident, and her CKD condition ceased getting worse. Her continuing organ deterioration was halted. Her kidney responded positively to the ARTR™ surgical implant procedure. She is still on dialysis and we all hope she will achieve a full and complete recovery from her CKD. However, at this stage of knowledge building, technology development, and improving clinical skills on how to stimulate a kidney to regenerate, this small first step underscores a core advancement.

IMAGE: ARTR™ Kidney Repair Surgical Implant Kit being prepared for surgical implant procedure on Patient #1 in clinical trials.

The second patient, a 45-year-old man, who was also on dialysis and deteriorating, ceased getting worse following the ARTR™ procedure. Over time, his creatinine levels decreased from 12 to 8, and he achieved good urinary output. This too is strong and concrete proof of kidney acceptance and an active response to ARTR™ treatment.

To understand the magnitude of this major medical achievement in organ regeneration and self-repair, consider that in 1903, most people believed man could not and never would fly. On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the first powered aircraft. They proved, beyond any doubt, that man could fly. The first flight was only about 3 football fields long, it was not from Chicago to London. But, it established that man could fly, and now thousands of planes fly millions of passengers to thousands of cites every day.

The day will come when thousands, and then millions of patients with CKD, CLD, COPD, T1B, T2B, and other organ diseases will enjoy recovery from those health issues. Mark for history, April 2021 as the date of the creation of the foundation for the global elimination of many major organ diseases and related health issues.

Our first two clinical trial patients are still on dialysis. But they stepped up and volunteered to help improve healthcare for all mankind. They are both great heroes that deserve our fullest thanks and gratitude.

These kidney procedures resulted in small, but positive and hugely significant first steps. Small initial steps are always needed to progress to bigger steps, advances, and breakthrough successes. We are at the same stage as the first manned flight of about 1,000 yards. Watch as we move on to major improvements in healthcare.

The BCM team already has three high powered advancements ready to boost the effectiveness of the original ARTR™ implant scaffolding and procedure. With clinical trials assistance from Dr. Ali and the Hayatabad Medical Complex medical staff these enhancements will bring improved results. Just as the science and art of human flight has advanced, so will advancements in ARTR™ regeneration effectiveness. In the future, many patients will be able to eliminate the need for dialysis. Will this become common in 3 months or 3 years? We do not know; but we are sure it will happen, and that we are on the right track.

BCM Industries is a U.S. pharmaceutical company, and the emerging global leader in ARTR™ organ repair treatments and procedures. Additional information is available by visiting the Right To Heal Network and the BCM Industries websites, or by email:

Hayatabad Medical Complex, is a major regional training hospital in Pakistan with over 1,200 beds and has completed over 90,000 surgeries. The Institute of Kidney Diseases at the Complex, is an outstanding kidney research hospital and now the lead surgical facility for ARTR™ kidney repair procedures.

IMAGE: Surgical implantation of Patient #1 customized ARTR™ unit, designed to activate kidney tissue regeneration, and commence self-repair and organ functional restoration.

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