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Medical Breakthrough: Enhanced Effectiveness of Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs by 5% to 15%

BCM cHemo^Cel™ Cancer Treatment

For Immediate Release: February 3, 2021


Advancements in the successful treatment and elimination of cancer is one of the greatest challenges facing medical science. Therefore, an increase in chemotherapy drug treatment delivery effectiveness of 5% to 15%, is a highly significant breakthrough that will save and improve countless lives.

BCM Industries, a U.S. pharmaceutical company, and a global leader in regenerative tissue organ repair through the creation and delivery of Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) treatments and procedures, has announced the availability of a new product – cHemo^Cel™. It delivers enhancement in the localized delivery of selective chemotherapy drugs to the targeted site of a tumor or cancerous area. This provides an increase in the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs, and therefore also provides the surgeon with an option of reducing the overall dosage level of the drug or drugs to the patient, while still obtaining the desired dosage level at the targeted cancer site.

This enhancement in localized dosage delivery is achieved without any increase in the overall dosage delivered to the cancer patient. The functional effect of cHemo^Cel™ is to act like a magnet, drawing selective types of chemotherapy drugs to specific treatment locations. Studies have found an increase in localized dosage levels of from 5% to 15% above levels achieved without cHemo^Cel™.

BCM Surgical Bio^Implant™ Needle

This new medical treatment supplement is available for targeted treatments in various implant forms: 4x4 inch or 2x2 inch texture knit, tablets, pellets,

mini-pellets, and powder. The cHemo^Cel™ is implanted through either laparoscopic or open surgery, employing a BCM-supplied Bio^Implant™ needle, or other implant supportive medical devices.

The potential applications of cHemo^Cel™ to cancer treatment are expanding. The current list of treatment applications includes cancers afflicting the liver, lungs, pancreas, bladder, prostate, cervix, breast, colon, esophagus, thyroid, endometrium, and an increasing number of other forms of cancers, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The completion of clinical trials and the medical approval of cHemo^Cel™ to treat many of these cancers will occur throughout 2021. Interested parties should contact:

BCM Industries, is a U.S. pharmaceutical and global leader in ARTR™ organ repair treatments and procedures; cancer treatment enhancement supplements and other healthcare products and services. Through BCM efforts, during 2021, new ARTR™ organ treatments will become available to regenerate and repair kidneys, livers, lungs, and pancreases. In addition, cHemo^Cel™ will become available to enhance selective application of chemotherapy drugs in the treatment of many types of cancers. To learn more visit:

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