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Human Tissue Engineering Opens Opportunities to Successful Organ Repair

Engineering and Medical Science

January 12, 2021


Engineering and medical science have united in a surprising manner to create a series of new highly-successful organ repair treatments. A research team at BCM Industries, have created unique protocols, formulas and nurturing procedures that are destined to soon bring large changes to organ healthcare and transplant communities.

These advanced “In vitro” human tissue engineering processes use the patient’s exciting adult cells to build a large army of healthy “patient cells.” The creation of this army of cells is specifically customized to the patient, the failing organ, the health issues, and the medical treatment plan.

This aggressive army of new cells is implanted into the patient’s failing or damaged organ using a BCM proprietary collagen structural repair scaffolding. Upon implant, the army of new cell is immediately accepted by the patient’s organ and these new healthy cells begin to rapidly multiple. As the army of cells continues to expand, it quickly replaces older weaker cells and proceeds to regenerate the failing organ.

To date, the BCM team has developed procedures and organ repair programs to address: liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, and skin. Some of these solutions are in, and the others preparing to enter, clinical trials. The BCM team is also preparing to address the repair of cartilage, bones, and the heart muscle.

A video introduction to the surgical team and the initial biopsy procedure for an ARTR™ kidney repair is available at the BCM website:

To lean more or to determine if a BCM organ repair procedure could benefit you or someone you know visit the BCM website or contact a representative.

BCM Industries is an emerging industry leader in regenerative tissue replacement medical products with specific emphasis upon the creation and delivery of advanced Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) products, processes and technologies, and other products and services to the global healthcare community.

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