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Regenerative Tissue Replacement Procedure Successfully Repairs Diseased Human Organs

Benefits over organ transplants.

November 24, 2020


BCM Industries, a US biotech and medical procedure development company, has established an alternative process for the repair of human organs. “Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™)” is a natural self-stimulated approach to organ healing and repair. To repair, in-place (In-situ), a patient’s diseased, damaged, or failing organ, the procedure uses a patient’s own organ cells in a surgical implantation of healthy regenerative tissues.

Many studies and current clinical trials have established ARTR™ to be an effective procedure for the repair of diseased and failing organs and a superior medical alternative to an organ transplant.

An ARTR™ organ repair procedure offers many benefits over an organ transplant. First, there is no need to search for a matching donor. Second, there is no need to take anti-rejection drugs. These specialty drugs are expensive, and they are designed to suppress one’s immune system. A restricted immune system greatly increases a patient’s risk of death from viruses and bacteria. This risk factor does not exist with an ARTR™ organ repair procedures. Furthermore, the medical surgical procedure to deliver an ARTR™ repair is less complicated and less time than an organ transplant.

Currently, BCM has ARTR™ procedures to address the kidney, lungs, liver, pancreas, bladder, and skin. Each ARTR™ organ repair procedure is either entering or currently undergoing clinical trials. As clinical trials are completed these new ARTR™ procedures will become available to patients around the globe.

Clinical trials addressing the kidney and bladder are scheduled to be completed in January 2021, with public global availability of kidney and bladder repairs commencing early 2021. ARTR™ procedures for the liver, lungs, skin, and pancreas, including the potential of eliminating Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, are scheduled to complete clinical trials by mid-2021.

Parties interested in learning more or applying to be considered as a candidate to receive an ARTR™ organ repair procedure, should use the BCM website to obtain additional information.

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