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Leading Urologist Believes ARTR™ Kidney Repair Procedure May Replace Kidney Transplants

Kidney Repair Clinical Trails

December 8, 2020


BCM Industries’ proprietary ARTR™ approach to healthcare, where the patient’s damaged, diseased, or failing organ is “Repaired-In-Place” (“In-Situ”), rather than being addressed by an organ transplant, represents the beginning of a major revolution in Healthcare.

Liaqat Ali, M.D., MBBS FCPS, Associate Professor Urology, Institute of Kidney Disease, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar, Pakistan, Member of the BCM Board of Senior Scientific and Medical Advisors, and the Lead Surgeon in ARTR™ kidney repair clinical trials, stated:

“I have carefully researched and evaluated the ARTR™ kidney repair treatment procedures provided by BCM. As an experienced medical professional and an Associate Professor of Medicine with years of experience treating kidney diseases patients, I am confident the BCM procedure will revolutionize the treatment of kidney disease and deliver a worldwide heighten quality of healthcare for kidney patients. It will also provide a needed medical alternative to the current kidney transplant procedure as a solution to kidney failure. Furthermore, it may offer an ability to transition existing kidney patients off of the need for kidney dialysis treatments.”

ARTR™ kidney repair treatment procedures are currently in clinical trials. These trials are evaluating the effectiveness of an ARTR™ kidney repair in many types of kidney health issues, including the potential of removing a patient’s need for dialysis treatments and the benefits in the treatment of Kidney cancer.

BCM Industries is emerging industry leader in regenerative tissue replacement medical products with specific emphasis upon the creation and delivery of advanced Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) products, processes and technologies, and other products and services to the global healthcare community.

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