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Natural Neural Intelligence (NNI)

Using Live Neural IT Devices

Digital AI or artificial general intelligence (AGI) programs are beginning to penetrate all economic sectors, offering automation efficiencies, and eliminating error-prone, human-mediated processes. Prominent examples include:

Machine Learning (ML) Systems, (Deep) Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision Systems (CVS), Cognitive Search Systems, and many more.

Most major tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle, and others are now moving their digital AI and AGI platforms to commercial applications. These efforts will quickly revolutionize many industries including Internet-based services such as chat, learning, searching, texting, emailing, and more.

Nueralink, (Elon Musk), Blackrock Neurotech, Synchron, BCM, and others are successfully linking digital computers to addressable live neurons. Live neurons are trainable and manageable, and offer users amazing processing speeds and direct access to natural neural intelligence (NNI). 

Thousands of organizations are now pursuing AI and AGI platforms including OpenAI-provided GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3). By early 2021 over 300 applications were delivering GPT-3–powered search, conversation, text completion, and other advanced AI features through OpenAI APIs.

One AGI service is ChatGPT, a fine-tuned form of GPT-3.5, capable of engaging in human-like conversations on a wide range of topics. It uses 175 billion parameters to create each AI solution.

Currently, in R&D the forthcoming BCM Industries (BCM) developed Live Neural IT devices offer users direct digital access to millions of DNA customized, trainable, addressable, and digitally manageable live neurons.

Known as Tissue Operating Devices (TOD™), these intelligent devices include modified, non-human, animal neurons with customized DNA powers that collect and accumulate knowledge (AK), perform application-tailored adaptive thinking (AT), and deliver individual neuron addressable and directable massive real-time Natural Neural Intelligence (NNI) capabilities.

NNI is based on natural live cell DNA data storage, processing, and intelligence. All neural data is parallel processed. This includes both AK and AT actions and NNI data that are simultaneously shared across millions of live nerve cells (neurons) within a living neural network.

NNI exists and naturally occurs in all live neurons. The intelligence collection and delivery process is a physical 3D, unlayered, open-spaced, dynamically adaptive, live neural network. Live NNI networks are adaptive and operate at intelligence magnitudes far above those delivered by any digitally performed AI algorithm or analysis process.

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Advances in AI and Natural Neural Intelligence

 Live Neural IT Delivers Advanced Performance

Tissue Operating Device (TOD™)

A Family of Live Neural IT Devices

Currently, in R&D the forthcoming Tissue Operating Device (TOD™) uses live neurons in a high-performance networked, neural processing array configuration.

Intel reported their “artificial” neuron processing chip, Loihi, in specialized applications enables users to process information up to 1,000 times faster than a standard digital computer.

To comprehend and relate to one thousand times faster, consider a processing task that requires 1,000 seconds (16.7 minutes) on a fast digital computer. On a properly set up neuron processor such as TOD™, these same tasks can be performed in a “single second,” in the time it takes for you to click on the enter button.

​TOD™ provides users with superb processing speed, and throughput, massive data storage capacity, and neuron-fast data transfers. Conventional digital computers with chips and motherboards, no matter how enhanced, can not achieve TOD™ levels of performance.

To learn more review, and share these available Articles or contact a BCM representative for details.

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