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Tissue Operating Device (TOD™) is the world’s first commercially available, Tissue Computer using live neurons in a high-performance networked, neural processing array configuration. The nine unique Models offer from 16 million to 5 billion neuron powered processing and data storage options.


The largest, the TOD™ Model 5120 Supercomputer, will establish a totally new class of supercomputers. Using billions of live neurons, the TOD™ 5120 opens access to extreme Actual Intelligence, Expanded Deep Learning, and Neuron Self-Acquired Knowledge skills.


Intel reported their “artificial” neuron processing chip, Loihi, in specialized applications enables users to process information up to 1,000 times faster than a standard digital computer.


To comprehend and relate to one thousand times faster, consider a processing tasks that requires 1,000 seconds (16.7 minutes) on a fast digital computer. On a properly setup neuron processor such as TOD™, this same tasks can be performed in a “single second,” in time it takes for you to click on the enter button.

TOD™ provides users with near blinding processing speed, and throughput, massive data storage capacity, and lighting neuron fast data transfers. Conventional digital computers with chips and motherboards, no matter how enhanced, will never achieve TOD™ levels of performance.


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Available TOD™ Articles

Neural Processing Is The Solution

Owning a TOD™ 5120 Supercomputer

Introduction to Tissue Computing and TOD™ Briefing

Purchasing a TOD™

Elements of TOD™ and Tissue Computing

TOD™ Design Production and Service

TOD™ Processing Applications

History of TOD™ and Tissue Computing

Available TOD™ Application Specific Articles

Neural Enabling and Mining of Big Data

Patterns, Deviations, Regressions, Gems, Others


Energy and Mineral Exploration

Seismic Processing, Mapping, Research, Others


Program Trading

Stocks, Bonds, Treasuries, Currencies,

Futures, Commodities, Cryptos, Others


DNA Data Storage and Retrieval (Avail. soon)

Digital, Text, Images, Analog, Others


Remote Smart Management-Control (Avail. soon)

Smart Devices, Vehicles, Systems,

Structures, Others


Video Gaming and Virtual Reality (Avail. soon)

FPS, Real-Time, Role Play, Virtual Environments,

Small-Massive Multiplayers, Others



Optical, Radio, Inferred, X–Gama Ray, Others



Phases-Array, CW, TWS, FM-CW, HF OTH, Others



Simple, Compound Light, Stereo, SEM, TEM, Others


Self-Driving (Avail. soon)

Autos, Trucks, Trains, Subways, Buses,

Ships, Planes, Drones, Missiles, Others



Active, Passive, Hybrids, Others


Neural Metaverse (Avail. soon)

Gamers, Enterprises, Others

Neural Virtual Data Packet Transfers (Avail. soon)

Virtual Data Packets,  Error Recovery, Others

Available TOD™ News and Updates

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Why Tissue Computing Will Soon Become Data Processing’s New Normal

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BCM Prepares to Offer Hybrid+ Cloud Services

Neural Processing is the Solution

BCM Delivers Major Live Neuron Processing Advancements

Training Living Neurons to Think and Develop Intuitive Neural Intelligence

Real Neural Networks Will Replace Artificial Neural Networks

Teaching a Neuron to Learn, Store Data, Retrieve Knowledge, and Perform Adaptive Thinking

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