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TOD™ Offers Tissue Computing with Actual Intelligence - AI

For Immediate Release: March 28, 2022


Whether publicly admitted or not, developed nations are on the verge of a post-digital economy. In the new, post-digital economy, mere data processing activities will begin to decline, surpassed by natural neural processing of information, knowledge, intelligence and even wisdom. This massive transition to a new neuron processing economy, from a data processing economy, has just begun and over the next decade will enhance everyone and everything.

BCM Industries Inc. (BCM) is about to launch a family of Tissue Operating Devices (the TOD™ product line), thus emerging as the advancing enterprise in the transition from digital to neuron. TOD™ devices include a Tissue Computer (TC) delivering millions of live neurons to process and store information. In addition to normal processing, TOD™ includes customized software that allows users to program neurons to achieve adaptive learning, and to create extensive accumulated knowledge-bases.


The Post-Digital Economy Has Begun

Neuron Processing Is Commencing

and Will Dramatically Increase


To grasp the magnitude of this change, for many applications, TOD™ delivers processing speeds 1,000 times faster than a classical digital computer. For some processing tasks, where a digital computer requires 16.7 minutes to complete, TOD™ can complete in the processing in ONE second. Plus, with neuron processing, TOD™ offers extreme throughput bandwidth, massive data storage capacity, and lighting data transfer rates. More importantly, TOD™ delivers live neuron created, “Actual” Intelligence, rather than artificial intelligence (AI) simulated by digital processing.

To begin to define and understand this amazing process of creating and using intelligence, within the context of TOD™, using Tissue Computing, AI is partitioned into two unique activities: Adaptive Learning (AL) and Application Knowledge (AK). Both of these AI components and capabilities are inherent within every live neuron.

What is unique and special is that both of these Al and AK powers, features, and capabilities are controllable and fully available as customized user features of the TOD™ software.

Adaptive Learning (AL) – the process of live neurons learning new things from both provided data and experienced events. Within TOD™, this is a process where live neurons follow either a single, or a multiple number of pathways to establish results and to create new knowledge images that are used and internally stored. These pathways can be neuron self-initiated or be TOD™ user defined. The number of pathways can be set or be an unlimited number. When unlimited the neuron continues to try pathways, and obtain results, until stopped by the user, or a successful solution is found.

Application Knowledge (AK) – the process of live neurons collecting and expanding either learned or provided information, which results in retained knowledge available to support future processing tasks. Within TOD™, this is a process where a neuron continues to collect and use established knowledge. AK data can be acquired from any source, computational events, sensor data, and other provided data, plus AL acquired intelligence. Conceptually, the knowledge is stored by the neuron as a knowledge image. As a part of AK activities, knowledge images can be created, stored, transferred from place to place, duplicated, edited, retrieved, and deleted.

This is a simple conceptual introduction and explanation. There are many details and features to be described and presented regarding the AI powers and the many abilities of TOD™ and Tissue Computing. AL and AK are the new tools to address many challenging questions and obtaining needed solutions.

For additional information on Tissue Computing technology, AL, AK, current neuron processing activities, TOD™ design, and related subjects, visit the BCM Industries website or contact BCM.

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