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Tissue Computing Has Arrived, Big Financial Moments Beginning

Updated: May 15

For Immediate Release: March 7, 2022


BCM Industries Inc. (BCM) is likely to select either Neuralink (Elon Musk), Blackrock Neurotech (Peter Thiel) or Synchron as the Neuron to Digital Interface (NDI) device strategic supplier for their forthcoming Tissue Operating Device (TOD™).

The selected company is expected to book a multi-year, NDI production order, potentially in the $ billions. Also from this event, BCM will move closer to being recognized as a leading global “live” Tissue Computer manufacturer.

The rapidly growing interest in Tissue Computing is not because it is novel. It is simply and directly related to money, either making money or saving money. Weather it is an investor buying shares in a Tissue startup, or a business buying a Tissue Computer to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs, it is all related to money.

Currently heavy processing needs are commonly fulfilled using either cloud services or data centers, with raised floors, powerful A/C systems, large electrical power usage, and rows of cabinets or racks, filed with processors and servers.

Providing an interesting alternative, is the forthcoming arrival of TOD™ Models, which include a Tissue Computer (TC). These Models, with millions of specially designed “live” neurons perform processing tasks 1,000 times faster than a Classical digital computer. TOD™ Models 16 and 48 require no special cooling and heating, just the ambient human enjoyed office and home temperatures. Furthermore, the electrical power requirements are standard 120v wall socket service.

Depending upon the processing tasks, a TOD™ Model 16 tower could set on the floor next to an employee’s desk or be located in the home of a remote staff member. Initial analysis indicates the Model 16 may replace the processing speed and computing ability of 14 full data center cabinets.

At a base price of $600,000, the Model 16 could replace a $1 million in data center cabinet equipment and from $3 to $5 million in data center construction and equipment install costs. The Model 16 would also eliminate the huge ongoing A/C, power, and operating costs of a data center.

A TOD™ Model 16 Replaces a up to 14 Full
Data Center Cabinets and huge AC and Powers
Costs with a Small 3-Foot Portable Tower

Similarly, a TOD™ Model 48, a transportable floor model about the size of three standard towers, could replace 42 full data center cabinets. Base priced at $1.8 million, the Model 48 could replace a data center equipment cost of $ 2.8 million, and a data center construction and equipment install costs of from $7 to $10 million. In general, the larger and more complex the processing tasks the greater the cost benefits of TOD™ over a Classic digital computing.

Presented are a few of the many reasons Tissue Computing is expected to become a preferred choice for many new data processing installations, and a serious cost-effective option for the replacement existing data centers and cloud service contacts.

For additional information on Tissue Computing technology, current neuron processing activities, TOD™ design, the NDI device, and related subjects, visit the BCM Industries website or contact BCM.

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