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Tissue Computing and Live Neural Networks Defined

For Immediate Release: March 16, 2022


The forthcoming TOD™ family of nine live neuron processing tissue computer (TC) configurations will offer from 16 million to 5 billion live neurons to process and store data. Initial delivery of TOD™ Model 16 is scheduled for December 2022, with all nine Models available in 2023.

Applications of TOD™ tissue computing in commercial, industrial, business, research, government, military, space, gaming, deep data mining, smart homes, and more, will directly and massively impact everyone and everything. Therefore, an updated definition of key terms is appropriate.

Tissue – groups of cells that have a similar structure and act together to perform a specific function. The word tissue comes from a form of an old French verb meaning “to weave”. There are four different types of tissues in animals: connective, muscle, epithelial, and the most important – nervous. Nervous tissue consists of nerve cells, also known as neurons. Neurons are nature’s data processor, data collection and storage device, knowledge assembler and archiver, and much more. See the illustration of a TC Disk formatted tissue structure, populated with a million neurons.

Computing – the process, or the act of reckoning, calculating, or determining something through the application of mathematical formula, knowledge, data sourcing and processing, and/or other methods and procedures.

Live Neural Networks – an organic linkage of individual neurons (nerve cells) into a network that connects them with many other neurons. The total population of neurons in a network can exceed 100 million. The transfer of data, knowledge and intelligence are moved throughout these linked neurons by electro-chemical signals and other natural means. With neuron populated cords, connected to a multiple number of neuron clusters, one can assemble expandable arrays to establish a neuron processing network of almost unimaginable size. See the illustration of a neuron network and a TC Cord formatted neuron network structure.

Tissue Computing – the use of live neural networks to link and combine neurons to process data, and/or perform all acts of computing. One of the most exciting possibilities is intelligence. At present, one of the most important frontiers of digital computing is artificial intelligence – the simulation of human intelligence. Tissue computing will deliver real, rather than artificial, intelligence!

For additional information on Tissue Computing technology, current neuron processing activities, TOD™ design, the NDI device, and related subjects, visit the BCM Industries website or contact BCM Industries.

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