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Regenerative Tissue Replacement - the Solution

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Medical research in the area of regenerative tissue replacement has made great advancements. With the leadership of BCM Industries those research achievements are becoming patient healing solutions. BCM is commencing advanced tissue replacement solution trials on skin, livers, kidneys, lungs and the pancreas.

Why is this an important event- because there are many thousands, even millions of patients who need regenerative healing solutions for wounds and for injured, diseased or failing organs. BCM now has the technologies, processes and procedures to begin volume delivery of regenerative tissue healing solutions.

Liver Tissue Regeneration - CDC reported in 2016, USA deaths from cirrhosis of the Liver were 34,174, while annual deaths from hepatocellular carcinoma were 11,073. An annual total of 45,247 deaths. Many of these deaths were in the age group of 25-34 years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 46% of global diseases and 59% of the world mortality is because of chronic liver diseases and almost 35 million people in the world die of chronic diseases annually.

Kidney Tissue Regeneration – In the US, 37 million adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and millions of others are at increased risk. It is estimated that 10% of the population worldwide is affected by CKD and millions die each year from CKD.

In the US, there are not enough organs to meet transplant demand. Reports indicate for every 1,000 Americans who pledge to donate their kidneys after death, only three of these donors’ die in a manner that permits a successful kidney transplant. That results in about 14,000 kidney transplants a year; about one for every seven people on the 90,000-strong transplant waiting list. The devastating point is that the longer a patient waits for a transplant (five years, on average) the sicker they become. Every day, some 13 people die waiting for a transplant that never occurs.

Over 2 million people worldwide currently receive treatment with dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive, yet this number may only represent 10% of people who actually need treatment to live.

Skin Tissue Regeneration - On average in the United States 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention (American Burn Association, 2002). Of these 1.1 million annually who are burned, approximately 50,000 require hospitalization. From those 50,000 at least 20,000 have major burns which are defined as involving at least 25 percent of their total body surface. (CDC). In 2004, nearly 11 million people worldwide were burned severely enough to require medical attention. All burn victims suffer great pain and disability.

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