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Quantum Computing in a Tissue Computer?

For Immediate Release: February 25, 2022


With the forthcoming availability of the TOD™ Tissue Computer to provide millions of living neurons, BCM Industries (BCM) is studying the ability to decisively address the possibly that a mass manufactured, affordable, neuron processor, TOD™, could also interchangeably be utilized as a quantum computer.

The quest to access the power of quantum computing has accelerated because selective processing tasks can be completed one million times faster than using a Classical digital computer. The appeal of quantum computing is the promise of quickly answering questions so difficult that it could take decades for today's Classical digital computers to solve.

Companies such as IBM, Intel, Google, Honeywell, Xanadu, IonQ, Rigetti, D-Wave, Amazon, and Alibaba are racing to build ever-more-powerful quantum computers. In fact, IBM and other chip manufactures, and some cloud service providers, are currently offering access to cryogenic-based, near absolute zero temperature operating, quantum computing.

This major advancement in quantum processing has allowed for the development of many quantum computing software development tools, and application programs. However, this near absolute zero cryogenic approach to quantum processing requires powerful and large refrigeration systems, creates high electrical power demand, and places limits on the locational site of quantum computers.

Offering a dramatic new alternative, and not yet validated, approach to quantum computing, TOD™ will use live neurons as hosts to performs quantum computing. In this approach, TOD™ quantum processing occurs within neurons resident in a Tissue Computer, at body temperature. If this dramatic alternative approach can be validated, BCM will commence delivery of TOD™ Models with neuron embedded quantum processing capabilities.

Utilizing this live neuron tissue approach to quantum processing, the BCM Team is directly challenging the mainstream scientific community, which strongly believes and continues to proclaim quantum processing does not, and cannot, occur within a live neuron at body temperatures.

To learn more about this dramatic BCM Team challenge, and the current beliefs of the scientific community, review the Article: “Desktop Quantum Computing With TOD™,” available upon request from BCM Industries.

To validate this neuron embedded, body temperature approach to quantum processing, the BCM Team is proceeding to answer two important questions.

  1. Can quantum processing be performed within the depths of a living neuron, that is resident inside a TOD™ Tissue Computer operating at body temperature?

  2. Second, can programing code and software be created that controls and manages quantum processing within the millions of neurons resident within a TOD™ Tissue Computer?

If both questions can be answered in the affirmative, potentially all future TOD™ Models will possess a natural neuron embodied capability to perform quantum processing. This result will mean all TOD™ users will have the ability to perform both neuron processing, and quantum processing applications interchangeably on a single TOD™ Model.

As this special quantum processing validation and configuration design effort commences, the BCM Team invites quantum computing neophytes, professionals, coding wizards, and others who enjoy pushing the limits of technology, to join the effort.

If you are one who thrives at being part of a “Leading-Edge” Team that is always pushing the limits of science, technology, vision, and invention, one who desires to be part of a Team that loves to prove that which most claim cannot be done, can in-fact be done, we welcome you. Contact BCM Industries for specifics.

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