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News Release #7 - USA Leads the World in DNA matched...

Updated: Jun 29

USA Leads the World in DNA matched, volume production of implant regenerative tissue, skin, cartilage and bone replacement solutions.

Utilizing advanced technologies, processes and procedures, BCM Industries, a new USA Bio-tech powerhouse, is moving from DNA matched, implant research and development to a state of highly effective volume production of implant regenerative tissue, skin, cartilage and bone replacement solutions. As the emerging global leader in these technologies and the exclusive manufacturer of Bovine Closed Herd Medical (BCM) products, the Company is preparing for volume production of regenerate replacement tissue product lines to address damaged and failing livers, kidneys, lungs and pancreas.

Also, BCM is preparing to commence delivery of advanced regenerative skin replacement products to address non-healing wounds, full thickness burns and cosmetics revision procedures. In conjunction, regenerative cartilage product lines are being introduced to provide patient specific, DNA-matched, ear, nose and chin regenerative cartilage replacement solutions, with matching regenerative skin replacement.

For joints, BCM product lines are entering trials to address patient customized meniscus regenerative replacements for knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and ankles. For injured, diseased and non-healing bones, the BCM Team has a new “Hard Structure” regenerative product line under development.

The Company products are offered and delivered with procedure kits that include all prep products, procedures, devices and instruction to assure a successful delivery to the patients; and a simple ordering and delivery process.

BCM is scheduled to commence delivery of regulatory approved regenerative replacement human skin products and cartilage replacement products to a select number of participating hospitals in late 2020, with production quantities to continually increasing thereafter.

Delivery of organ tissue regeneration and replacement products are scheduled to commence in mid-2021. Any interested hospitals, treatment centers, surgeons and possible recipients of BCM delivered regenerative products should contact BCM or the Right To Heal (RTH) Foundation at their respective websites.

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