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News Release #6 - Significant Advancements in Burn Injury Care

Updated: Jun 29

BCM Industries Prepares Significant Advancements in Burn Injury Care.

Burns are commonly caused by fire, chemicals, electricity, and other heat accidents, such as scalding hot water or steam. More than 300,000 persons die each year worldwide because of fire-related burn injuries. Many more are seriously injured, disabled, or disfigured from all types of burns.

Non-fatal burns are a leading cause of morbidity, including prolonged hospitalization, disfigurement and disability, often with resulting stigma and rejection. The cost of burn injury care and recovery, in terms of time and resources, is also very high.

Both injured parties and the healthcare industry have a need for an improved approach to burn care and recovery. The exciting news is BCM Industries is less than one year away (Scheduled Late 2020 Deliveries) from providing the needed upgrade to burn injury procedures and the delivery of patient specific regenerative skin replacement tissue to address all types of burn injuries.

The current sourcing of porcine and cadaver skin graft methodologies and many common burn care procedures result in a high rates of skin grafting rejection and infections. In addition, pediatric patients endure many multiple procedures because current skin grafting materials cannot grow with the young patient’s body growth.

Burn severity is classified and reported by the percent of the total body surface area (TBSA) impacted by the event. The higher the TBSA value the less likely the burn patient will have available skin to harvest for a skin graft. Annually, in the USA up to 200,000 patients incur burns that affect less than 30% of their body but will still require skin grafting.

For reference, according to the US the National Burn Repository (NBR) of the American Burn Association (ABA) in 2016, a total of 486,000 patients received burn injury medical treatment.

Worldwide, an estimated 6 million patients seek medical help for burns annually, but the majority are treated in outpatient clinics. Whether inpatient treatment in a specialized burn unit is required depends principally on the severity of the burn, the degree of trauma and the general condition of the patient.

The forthcoming advanced BCM burn injury utilize two main categories of product lines: the B Matrix™ and the Cutus Novem Scaffold™. The supporting services for cartilage repair are: Tillage Scaffold™ products.

Interested hospitals, treatment centers, surgeons and possible recipients of BCM delivered skin burn injury regenerative products should contact BCM or the Right To Heal (RTH) Foundation at their websites.

Sources: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/accidental-injury.htm; https://ameriburn.org/who-we-are/media/burn-incidence-fact-sheet/



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