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Updated: Jun 29

BCM Industries begins Production Based 3D Printing of Regenerative Replacement Cartilage, Scaffold Structures and Organ Tissues.

Organ injuries and diseases are the number one cause of death in the industrialized world. Since there are a limited number of available organ donors, there is a need to develop new approaches to address a patient’s in-place organ healing. BCM tissue engineering technologies, production processes and procedures are preparing to provide an alternative organ in-place approach. In this approach BCM integrates regenerative organ tissue cells and 3D bio-materials to create and deliver functional tissue that is specific to the patient and surgical procedure. The autologous tissue ensures DNA matching replacement tissues and scaffold structures.

These scaffolds are designed to mechanically support the patient’s autologous harvested organ cells and promote their adaption and reorganization into specific organ functional tissues. Following in vitro maturation, the engineered organ structure and tissue is surgically transplanted onto the defective organ. When full integration of the engineered organ tissue structure the biomaterials are bio-absorbed leaving a functional tissue structure. For additional details see the BCM Industries website.

Many researchers have demonstrated these 3D printing capabilities in the laboratory. BCM has begun moving these applications from the lab to mass production of regenerative products. Specifically, BCM is integrating advanced 3D printing capabilities into the Company’s proprietary cartilage, scaffold structures and customized organ tissue replacement manufacturing processes.

This BCM sponsored project is a significant advancement to Regenerative Medicine. Soon all the BCM products will be 3D printed under the stringent control of the Company’s production software and patient surgical data sets.

All manufacturing is completed under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) procedures, using BCM proprietary software-controlled 3D printer delivery nozzles. These multiple nozzles accurately extrude various types of critical production materials in pre-established software managed lay down patterns and 3D structures. The resulting completed product may be very thin or could be a foot tall. Both hydrogels and biodegradable materials are used to give the tissue structure and strength. All products are ultra-pure, free of hormone, anti-biotics and all other possible imperfections.

All 3D printed regenerative products accommodate blood vessels which assure the regenerated replacement organ tissues can receive and circulate oxygen and nutrients that cells need to survive.

The Company’s 3D printer-based products will soon be integrated into the ongoing animal and human trials of BCM regenerative organ tissue and cartilage replacement products. For additional details see the BCM website: https://www.bcmindustries.com/

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