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News Release #11- First Round of Funding

Updated: Jun 29

BCM Industries Receives Capital Under First Round of Funding

BCM Industries has received capital as part of the First Round of Funding. The Company’s new valuation represents the consolidation of intellectual properties, assets and skills from very talented engineers, scientist and business professionals. Together this Team has manipulated, adapted and molded over a decade of regenerative research into a USA powerhouse of advanced regenerative healthcare products.

The Company has emerged to lead the world in advanced regenerative “In-Place” delivered organ, skin, cartilage, meniscus and bone replacement products and technologies. Many believe the Company’s regenerative products will ultimately eliminate the need for organ transplants (Liver, Kidney, Lungs and Pancreas); the need for joint replacement surgeries (Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Ankle); Skin healing (Advanced Wounds, Burns, Cosmetic and Reconstruction) and will result in many other positive changes in the delivery of healthcare.

BCM employs an all “natural” approach to healing. The patient’s own body and mind are stimulated with a newly generated, healthy tissue implant. Once the fully compatible tissue is implanted into the patient’s failing or injured organ, the patient’s body begins the process of replacing all of the injured and failing tissues and cells with copies of the new healthy tissues and cells.

This technology is known as the “Natural Regeneration From Within.” BCM products apply this natural replacement and regeneration of “self” in all of their products.

All of the Company’s products are uniquely customized to a specific patient and their specific health issue. With this approach, BCM products have established the new baseline for global enhancement of human healthcare…

“Patient Customized Healthcare and Healing.”

For more information visit: www.bcmindustries.com; or

contact the Company: support@bcmindustries.com.

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