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News Release #10 - DNA-Matched Regenerative Replacement of Patient’s Ears, Nose and Chin

Updated: Jun 29

In the area of “Cartilage Replacement,” BCM continues leadership in Regenerative Medicine by preparing to commence trials on cartilage products addressing ears, nose and chin.

In announcing Tilage Scaffold™, BCM introduces a proprietary, DNA patient matching regenerative cartilage structure to address the contour and shape of the remodeled nose, ear and chin. In this process the needed cartilage structure is created and grown using a new BCM proprietary 3D printing technology. This molding/modeling technique utilizes a small portion of the patient’s cartilage as the foundation for the patient’s new customized cartilage structure.

To assure the newly regenerated replacing cartridge will not be rejected, BCM uses another one of their new technologies Selfie*DNA Profiling™. This technology assures the DNA of the newly created cartilage DNA perfectly matches the patient’s.

The complete cartridge creation process requires approximately 30 days. When the new regenerative growth is completed, the Tilage Scaffold™ is transported in a special transporter, by BCM couriers, to an approved hospital or treatment center where the Scaffold is surgically delivered to the patient.

As the surgical cartilage placement process occurs, the surgeon will utilize the B Matrix to treat the area while the new tissue is being generated. The Cutus Novem Scaffold™ is incorporated onto the newly grown cartilage.

Tilage Scaffold™ is one of many of new advanced products lines being offered by BCM to the cosmetic and plastic surgery community. These products are focused to address reconstructive procedures that include eyelid, lips, ears, chin, nose, body contouring, facial reconstruction, cosmetic implants and other body adjusting and re-configuring.

Each uniquely created and delivered product is customized for the specific patient, the specific procedures and a specific reconstruction mission. Building a customized creation of the Tilage Scaffold™ assures a proper reconstructive solution for both injury or birth defects required procedures, plus patient selective and requested procedural changes to the body. For additional details see the BCM Industries website.

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