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Neuralink, Blackrock NeuroTech, and Synchron Invited to Compete for $ Billion Supply Contract

For Immediate Release: March 3, 2022


BCM Industries Inc. (BCM), an emerging leader in Tissue Computing (TC), is seeking a strategic supplier to provide Neuron-to-Digital Interface (NDI) devices to support production of the forthcoming Tissue Operating Device (TOD™). The selected supplier is expected to book a multi-year sale, of 700,000 production units during 2023, and 9 million units in 2024 sales order, potentially in the $ billions.

To select the suppler, BCM has invited three companies, Neuralink (Elon Musk), Blackrock Neurotech (Peter Thiel), and Synchron to participate in an NDI prototype demonstration and evaluation program at the BCM system integration lab (SIL), in New Jersey.

All three invited suppliers have demonstrated excellent design and development progress in the expansion of both capabilities and performance of human forced Brain Computer Interface (BCI) devices. All three suppliers have created BCI devices that can read and interpret the actions, the pulse activities, of live neurons. They can also deliver data and commands to the live neurons. In simple terms, these suppliers have created BCI devices that can read and write to a neuron, interpret neuron actions, and understand the neuron network data language….An amazing accomplishment!

Neuralink, Blackrock Neurotech, and Synchron
have clearly demonstrated amazing BCI
designs and operational accomplishments!

Requirements of the TOD™ system’s NDI devices are much less stringent and simpler to fulfill than those of a human use, BCI device. For example, the NDI device never enters or touches a human, is not a medical device, and requires no clinical trials or regulatory approvals.

These conditions allow for rapid build and integration of the selected NDI device into the TOD™ system design, development, and manufacturing processes. The commitment to NDI supplier evaluation and purchase activities, is another step confirming: “The Age of Tissue Computing has Arrived™.”

As additional backup, the TOD™ family of nine Tissue Computers, being released for commercial, scientific, military, and consumer applications, will offer from 16 million to 5 billion “live” neurons to process and store data. Initial delivery of TOD™ Model 16, a desktop tower unit, is scheduled for December 2022, with all nine Models available for global commercial and consumer markets in 2023.

For additional information on Tissue Computing technology, current neuron processing activities, TOD™ design, the NDI device, and related subjects, visit the BCM Industries website or contact BCM.

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