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Live Tissue Computing Has Arrived Shipping for Christmas

Updated: Feb 25

For Immediate Release: February 23, 2022


With the arrival of the Tissue Operating Device (TOD™), BCM Industries Inc. (BCM) has assured everyone, “The Age of Tissue Computing has Arrived™.” As pictured, with the family of nine Models, ranging from the smallest, with 16 million live neurons, to the largest, the TOD™ Model 5120, which delivers 5 billion live neurons, 5% of the neurons in a human brain, there is a forthcoming super-fast Tissue Computer to fit everyone’s need.

As illustrated, the Tissue Computing concept is simple. Whether a desktop Model or the largest rack mounted Models, TOD™ includes three major components: a Tissue Computer (TC), a Management Computer, and a TOD™ configured laptop computer.

With the power to perform processing tasks 1,000 times faster than a Classical digital computer, offering lightening processing speed, massive throughput, and near infinite storage capacity, this Tissue Computer truly delivers enhanced processing.

Glenn Gearhart, CEO of BCM, has stated: “The forthcoming annual production of millions of TOD™ system, with live Tissue Computing, utilized in commercial, industrial, business, research, government, military, space, gaming, deep data mining, home, and other applications, will directly and massively change society and impact everything and everyone.”

Expect a massive business and consumer
movement to live Tissue Computing and
major changes in society to soon begin!

To grasp the processing speed delivered by TOD™, if a Classic digital computer requires 1,000 seconds (16.7 minutes) to complete a large processing task, TOD™ would complete that same task in “ONE” second. By the time you finished clicking on the enter key to start the processing, TOD™ would have delivered the results on your screen, or to your thumb or hard drive. That is what 1,000 times faster means.

Who does not want this blazing processing speed in a desktop tower or floor model computer at the office or at home? Expect a massive business and consumer movement to live Tissue Computing and major changes in society to soon begin.

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