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Live Neuron Populated Tissue Computers How They Work

For Immediate Release: February 24, 2022


BCM Industries Inc. (BCM) has announced the future availability of a Tissue Operating Device (TOD™), which includes a Tissue Computer (TC) with millions of “live” neurons that perform processing tasks 1,000 times faster than a Classical digital computer.

Since owning and having immediate access to the fastest processing system known to man (live neurons), has been a paramount quest of mankind for over seven decades, this BCM announcement raises many questions. Is TOD™ and Tissue Computing real? How was BCM able to harness the processing power of millions of live neurons? How does BCM keep millions of neurons alive and functioning for a decade in a TC box? How does it work? How much does a TOD™ cost, and how do I get one?

Admittedly, the development of TOD™ was a major multi-year challenge that required all of the advanced tissue engineering technologies, experience, and skills held by the BCM Team. As world leaders in many areas of tissue and cell growth managed sciences, and tissue based regenerative medicine, designing TOD™ required new technologies and significant advances in tissue engineering and cell design and survivability management.

TOD™ includes a Tissue Computer (TC),
a Management Computer, and
a TOD™ configured laptop computer.

Answers to these and many more questions are provided in a multiple number of detailed technical and design articles on TOD™, Tissue Computing, live neuron processing and related topics. All are available upon request from BCM.

As illustrated, TOD™ includes three major components: a Tissue Computer (TC), a Management Computer, and a TOD™ configured laptop computer. With the power to perform processing tasks 1,000 times faster than a Classical digital computer, all of the lightening processing speed, massive throughput, and near infinite storage capacity, resides in the millions of live neurons. These BCM proprietary and specially designed and constructed processing neurons populate the TC Disks and TC Cords located in a 3D array structure within the Tissue Computer.

Specifically, each TC Disk functions as individual independent neuron processor. The TOD™ system, utilizes a programmable Tissue Computer architecture, which allows individual TC Disks to be accessed and programmed individually, or as a combined group of a larger neuron processing array. Shown in the illustration is a single TC Disk, in a Petrie disk, filled with a million live neurons, prepared for insertion into a TC array.

Each TC Cord is an individual segment of the Tissue Computer’s internal neuron data transfer network. The TC Cord network performs a majority of the neuron data transfers and data networking functions for all Tissue Computer internal data transfers. As illustrated, all TC Cords are populated with neurons that provide massive bandwidth and lightning speed data transfers between TC Disks and from, non-digital, sensor input data ports.

Within the Tissue Computer, all TC Disks reside in a physical location within a 3D structured array. The TOD™ Model numbers define how many TC Disks reside in the array. As an example, the illustrated Model 48 has a 3D, 48 TC Disk, array. Each TC Disk is linked to the internal Tissue Computer neuron data network by at least two TC Cords.

Indicated by TOD™ Model numbers, all BCM proprietary TC Disks, TC Cords and array architectures are modular and expandable. Contact BCM for more on the technology, design, operation, maintenance, applications, and purchase of TOD™.

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