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Introducing TOD™ 5120 – the World’s Most Advanced Supercomputer

For Immediate Release: March 31, 2022


At present there exist only a few true supercomputers. Noteworthy are the TianHe-2 and the TianHe-2A, clearly in a distinct class of large digital supercomputers. A recent class of supercomputers was introduced by IBM – Q System One, a quantum computer.

A new class is currently in design, a neural supercomputer – TOD™ 5120, which includes a Tissue Computer consisting of more than 5 billion living neurons – a massive number and enormous processing power.

Relative to existing supercomputers, the TOD™ 5120 will be very small in size, use minimal electrical power, and produce little heat. These physical features are beneficial, but more impressive is the processing performance – near blinding processing speeds and throughput, massive data storage capacity, and lightning-fast data transfers. More importantly the TOD™ 5120 Supercomputer will be capable of real-time Adaptive Learning (AL) and continually expanding Application Knowledge (AK) capabilities. Together, these represent real, rather than artificial intelligence.

Just one example of how the TOD™ 5120 can support advances in science is detecting deep space exoplanets, quickly processing the massive amounts of data from real-time or archived deep space telescope imaging. Using a customized raw sensor input port that supports massive wideband direct optical image and flash processing protocols, the TOD™ 5210 will complete processing tasks within seconds, rather than minutes or hours required by existing digital computers. The keys to this advantage are the natural image processing abilities of live neurons, eliminating the need for raw optical sensor images to be converted into a digital data format.

For additional information on Tissue Computing technology, TOD™ design and architecture, the TOD™ 5120 Supercomputer, and related subjects, please visit the BCM Industries website or contact BCM.

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