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BCM Prepares to Offer Hybrid+ Cloud Services

For Immediate Release: April 6, 2022


The forthcoming availably of BCM’s family of Tissue Operating Device (TOD™) Models, which deliver true neural computing and natural (rather than artificial) intelligence through Tissuing Computing, using live neurons, has enabled BCM Industries Inc. (BCM) to announce the upcoming launch of a new Hybrid+ Cloud Service. The Hybrid+ Cloud adds a fourth processing platform to the existing three systems of the Hybrid Cloud.

The term Hybrid Cloud Services refers to the integration and processing unification of three key elements: (1) public cloud services; (2) private cloud services; and (3) on-premises data processing infrastructure. The Hybrid Cloud provides a single, unified, and flexible distributed computing environment where an enterprise can operate, and as required scale, its traditional or cloud-native workloads on the most appropriate of the three available processing platforms.

BCM’s Hybrid+ Cloud Service adds a fourth element that will greatly improve global Hybrid Cloud Services based on its TOD™ Tissue Computing, delivering live neural computing directly to system users. The addition of TOD™ naturally address all of the key requirements for handling Big Data – “real” rather than artificial intelligence, built in short and long-term memory, the ability to process sensory inputs rather than requiring these inputs to be digitalized (thus losing vital detail and processing time), and of course the blistering speed and natural power of a real neural computer and network.

These advantages enable capabilities such as deep leaning, neuron knowledge retention (memory), adaptive thinking, intuitive intelligence, enhanced data mining, more powerful data analysis, and much more.


The arrival of Hybrid+ Cloud Computing will power a massive surge in the usage and transition to neuron provided intuitive intelligence, adaptive thinking, deep leaning, knowledge retention, and Big Data processing.


The transition to Hybrid+ Cloud Services will enable users, project teams and enterprises of all kinds to develop and utilize either digital-only, neuron-only, or unified digital-neuron application programs. This Hybrid+ digital-neural platform access allows for greater efficiency and cost reduction in the utilization of data processing assets and services for all types of information tasks and projects.

Further, utilization of Hybrid+ Cloud can mean shorter product development cycles, access to a larger numbers of deep learning parameters, faster testing and feedback, broader and more comprehensive market research, greater project and research team empowerment, and assets for accelerated enterprise innovation.

Current plans are for initial Hybrid+ Cloud Service to be available by early 2023. For additional information on Hybrid+ Cloud Services, Tissue Computing activities, TOD™ design, and related subjects, visit the BCM Industries website, click on the TOD tab, or contact BCM.

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