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News Release #1 - Tissue Engineering Moves From the Laboratory to the Hospital Surgery Room...

Updated: Jun 29

Tissue Engineering Moves From the Laboratory to the Hospital Surgery Room and to Patients!

For more than a decade universities and bio-tech organizations have pursued regenerative tissue growth and replacement research. BCM Industries has crossed the bridge from research to quality-controlled volume production of regenerative medical products. These new BCM products include organ tissue regeneration and replacement for damaged skin and failing livers, kidneys, lungs and the pancreas.

In conjunction with these major advancements, BCM is constructing facilities to volume produce organ and patient customized regenerate tissue. These initial production facilities address skin wounds, burns and also provide regenerative products to enhance the quality and success of cosmetic surgery and associated reconstructive procedures.

Some of the BCM created proprietary technologies and regenerative advancement successes are based upon new technologies and proprietary tissue engineering and manufacturing processes. BCM success is due in part to the creation and use of ultra-pure collagen and other high-quality production source materials and specialized adaptive oxygen sourcing flow subsystems for tissue growth. BCM has also designed advanced tissue processing equipment that includes proprietary engineered tissue regenerative manufacturing. These include advanced 3D tissue printer systems, automated tissue growing incubators, tissue transporters and various types of customized tissue life support repositories and processes.

BCM is proceeding with product trials. Completion of skin wound and burn injury tissue engineered products are scheduled within twelve months. Similarly, in 18 to 24 months, trials are scheduled to be completed on livers, kidneys, pancreas and lung tissue products allowing for global patient delivery of regenerative organ tissue replacement products. For additional details see the BCM website.

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