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BCM Delivers Major Live Neuron Processing Advancements

For Immediate Release: April 13, 2022


Based upon the unique, core design of the BCM live neuron processing platform, the TOD™ Project is rapidly advancing to bring full, live neuron Tissue Computing to enterprises and consumers. These advanced, next generation, processing capabilities will be delivered by public and private cloud services, in addition to existing data centers and privately owned and operated TOD™ Models.

The following highlights a portion of the projects and activities which are underway to assure Tissue Computing becomes a commonly available service.

TOD Cloud Services - Using a multitude of TOD™ Models, BCM is preparing to offer TOD™ cloud services. The initial data center to support these new live neuron processing services in a cloud environment will be at the TOD™ development center in NJ. Following a beta operational period, this center will be replicated in other locations.

Hybrid+ Cloud Services - IBM and other cloud service providers are currently offering and operating Hybrid Cloud services. The term Hybrid Cloud Services refers to the integration and processing unification of three key elements: (1) public cloud services; (2) private cloud services; and (3) on-premises data processing infrastructure.

BCM’s Hybrid+ Cloud Service will add a fourth element that will greatly improve global Hybrid Cloud Services based on its TOD™ Tissue Computing, delivering live neural computing directly to system users.

Nine Available TOD Models - BCM has designed nine unique TOD™ Models. Each offers different processing capacities basis upon the total live neuron population within the Model’s Tissue Computer. The first, Model 16, is scheduled for limited deliveries beginning late 2022.

The TOD™ 5120 Supercomputer - At present there exist only a few true supercomputers. Noteworthy are the TianHe-2 and the IBM – Q System One, a quantum computer.

BCM is committed to deliver a new class of supercomputer – TOD™ 5120 neural computer, which includes a Tissue Computer consisting of more than 5 billion living neurons – a massive number with enormous processing power.

The TOD™ 5120 Supercomputers is being offered as an effective live neuron processing solution to enterprises, governments, universities, and cloud service providers.

Digital Neuron Emulation Upward Compatibility - TOD™ is being designed to be upward compatible with Intel, IBM and other chip manufacturer’s digital neural emulated chip software and application programs. Illustrated in the Figure, this important feature will allow many neuron chip users and software developers to seamlessly move to TOD™ without the need for software modifications or special training.

Intuitive Intelligent Processing - The core design of the TOD™ live neuron processing platform, combined with supporting Tissue Computing software provides users with access to the processing powers of Adaptive Thinking, Intuitive Intelligence, plus Shared and Assembled Knowledge Retention. These highly beneficial natural processing powers are only available through managed and programable access to live neurons.

For additional information on neuron processing, Tissue Computing, TOD™ design and Models, additional achievements, and related subjects, visit the BCM Industries website, click on TOD tab, or contact BCM representative.

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