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BCM Announces Live Tissue Computing

For Immediate Release: February 22, 2022


BCM Industries Inc. (BCM) has emerged as the technology and development leader in tissue engineering addressing the delivery of Autologous Regenerative Tissue Replacement (ARTR™) organ repair and transplants.

Using these advanced tissue engineering technologies, experience, and skills, the BCM Team recently focused upon addressing the need for computers that offer near blinding processing speed and throughput, massive data storage capacity, and lighting fast data transfers. The natural solution to enhanced processing is neuron populated live tissue, Tissue Computing, which can perform these tasks 1,000 times faster than a Classical digital computer.

As illustrated, automated computing commenced with the vacuum tube, moved to silicon chips, and the next leap forward is Tissue Computing. Tissue Computing is the future of processing and will impact everyone and everything.

However, neurons are live nerve cells, which presented two major problems. The first was how to communicate with and manage the actions of live neurons. The second was how to grow, sustain, and to provide computer users the millions of live neurons required to rapidly perform large processing tasks and provide massive data storage capacities.


Tissue Computing is the future of processing

and will impact everyone and everything!


The first issue was addressed with the development of a number of successful Brain Computer Interface (BCI) devices. These BCI devices can read and interpret the actions, the pulse activities, of live neurons. They can also deliver data and commands to the neurons. In simple terms, these BCI devices can read and write to a neuron and interpret neuron actions and their neuron network data language.

The second great creative challenge was directly within the wheelhouse of the advanced tissue engineering technologies, experience, and skills held by BCM. The challenge was to design and construct the processes and systems required to grow specialized neuron processing tissue disks, cords, and arrays with imbedded bi-directions, read-write, live neurons. These new specialized neurons required highly extendable cell life spans, superior neuron processing functionality, and a capacity for interfacing with digital data networks. Much of these occur and operate within a self-contained, environmentally controlled, Tissue Computer (TC).

The complete system, the Tissue Operating Device (TOD™), uses digital computers and neuron processing specialized software to control and manage the TC and other system components. TOD™ is offered in desktop towers, floor models, and rack mounted units. All TOD™ Models deliver lighting fast neuron processing and massive neuron data storage capacities.

The forthcoming TOD™ family of nine live tissue structured TC configurations will offer from 16 million to 5 billion live neurons to process and store data. Initial delivery of TOD™ Model 16 is scheduled for December 2022, with all nine Models available in 2023.

Predictions are, the forthcoming annual production of millions of TOD™ system, with live Tissue Computing, to be utilized in commercial, industrial, business, research, government, military, space, gaming, deep data mining, home, and other applications, will directly and massively impact everything and everyone.

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