COVID-19 Research and Development

Both the BCM and RTH teams are developing immediate successful COVID-19 solutions for prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation from this worldwide pandemic.

Some of the areas of commitment include:

1- Heart Muscle Rehabilitation from COVID-19 damage and congestive heart failure and muscle weakness.

2- Lungs Rehabilitation from COVID-19 damage, cancer removal, partial lung removal, COPD, and Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD);

3- Kidney Rehabilitation from COVID-19 damage; cancer removal, partial kidney removal, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD):

4- Liver Rehabilitation from COVID-19 damage, cancer removal, partial cirrhosis removal and Chronic Liver Disease (CLD); and

5- A rapid recover serum to lift a new COVID-19 patient out of danger and into quick and successful recovery.

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Committed to COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 Research and Development

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