Wound Care Products

Animal Healthcare Treatment Applications

This data is presented as general animal healthcare guidance. All serious injuries and wounds should be diagnosis by a licensed and/or authorized medical professional.

BCM is offering an expanding line of new products to provide improved healthcare and quality of life to all types of pets, livestock, zoo, safari, endangered, and other animals.

In support of these products, the following documents are offered. You are welcome to download and redistribute as desired. These products will become available at BCM online store and selective distributors during early 2022.

Any questions or comments should be addressed to support@bcmindustries.com.

BCM Vet Products

  Col-Derm™ Enhanced  
  Skin-Wound Healing Briefing  

Col-Derm™ Product

Col-Derm™ Product
Specification Sheet

BCM Animal Wound Care Products Report

Col-Derm™ Flyer
Evaluation Form

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